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This is Omega Delta Sigma

Mission Statement
Gallantry and camaraderie during military service is the foundation for this collegiate brotherhood.
Honor, integrity, and respect are words that not only reside in or hearts but also were, and still are,
a way of life for us...

Organization Overview

Omega Delta Sigma was founded at the California State University of Fresno in January 7, 2011, as a way for veterans to come together, share experiences, and meet other veterans. We as Omega Delta Sigma have three well defined goals:

  1. To facilitate the rough transition from military life to collegiate life for servicemen, and to provide a network of contacts for him.
  2. Provide support within the fraternity by assisting each other with collegiate, personal, and / or financial difficulties.
  3. Offer services to those who bravely sacrificed their body and life so that we may live free.
Omega Delta Sigma Group Photo with bronze memorial statues of soldiers.
A fraternity member comically supervising other members work the kitchen for community service.

What makes us US

Although we are a fairly new Fraternity we've already been featured multiple times on the Collegiate, on air with the help of ABC 30, and on the radio airwaves with the help of NewRock 104.1 FM. and we continue to strive to make waves. We seek dedicated individuals that actively look to make a difference on campus and in the community. Your service to our country does not have to end with your enlistment.

Please visit our other sites: Official National Page | Facebook Page